Watched the video?  Doesn’t it look like someone is squeezing out a brick of instant ramen noodles?  Well, it’s actually a 3d printer (from Fab@Home) equipped with a syringe of masa dough, in a stochastic printing setup.  Have no fear, before I read the article over at Cooking Issues, I didn’t know what half of that sentence meant either.  Take a look at the article, as it explains it very well, but the short version is that it’s tortilla dough, printed too high and too fast, so it wobbles with a bit of randomness.

The results, however, are apparently so delicious that the age old food-photography problem of forgetting to take a photograph because you were too busy eating, pops up.  Using the stochastic method, they print out wobbly blocks, wobbly bricks and wobbly flowers of the masa dough, first steaming and then deep frying them for an entirely new and encouragingly delicious experience!

So often food printing stories are half-hearted pretend-success tales of people printing meat goop in the shape of a cube, and calling it a triumph – but Dave Arnold and Jeffery Lipton have got what sounds like a winner.

New, tasty, and most easily created by a printer; congratulations, gents!

I’m tempted to get a food syringe and some masa harina flour (, and pretend to be a printer just to try out the results.  It pleases me that I’ll not make quite as good a job of it, as a 3d printer would do.

(Via Replicator.)