A 3d Printed Basic Egg Cup

A basic egg cup model, printed on a Thing-O-Matic

An emotional roller-coaster ride ends on a metaphor-busting high note!  This Saturday, I finally managed to assemble the Thing-O-Matic kit I got as my Christmas present this year.  Saturday – it was assembled!  Such anticipation and elation!  Sunday morning – despair!  Error reports and fruitless forum searches.  Monday – relief and excitement!  We got it all working, and a day of prints both successful and hilariously disastrous.

My fourth print is above – a sturdy egg cup for holding a tasty breakfast egg for dipping toast soldiers in.  I didn’t have an egg cup, so this is the most practical print I could think of making – and it’s my own model too!  I modeled it in SketchUp, exported to an stl, and it printed over the course of an hour and a half.  It was much more successful than my previous egg cup attempt, which was ambitious, detailed, and beautifully disastrous.

The Basic Egg Cup model is available over at Thingiverse.