A Custom Pet Salesman's Display Box

Deus ex Arca - A Custom Pet Salesman's Box by Jacob Petersson

“What’s that, little girl?  You want a blue-eyed canary?  And young master – you desire a three tailed monkey?  Why that is simplicity itself for the Custom Pet Salesman!  We’ve got custom ears, personalized eyes and fur of a thousand colors!  Now you can have a  pet that is as unique as your precious child – and we guarantee*  no-one else in the playground can match it!”

*Not an actual guarantee.

The above small glimpse is of the Deus ex Arca prop box by artist Jacob Petersson – a very skilled prop-maker just starting out on his career to bring the fantastical to life, to bring incredible alternative objects into something we can see, touch and even smell.  I encourage you strongly to seek out his other work – or even just more photographs of the above artifact, from a world in the future where travelling salesmen pitch genetically modified pets, door to door, or on street corners – desperately trying to get their next sale with their easy installment payments and 2 year cloned optional insurance policies.  Deus ex Arca – God of the Arc – a wooden vessel that contains the keys to the life of incalculable fauna, pitching and heaving on the cruel seas of consumerism.

Seek him out – for mechanical-wombs incubating artificial gnomes, for prototype light guns, for art deco firefighter helmets,  for brass and leather articulated gauntlets, fairies in jars and wall mounted werewolf heads.

(Via She Walks Softly.)