I’m sorry the video above with rather overblown guitar soundtrack can’t convey the spine-tingling sexiness of the UI in Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.  The 3d screen on the new 3DS had been very well designed for – the semitransparent portrait windows hover above each other, tastefully distinct, letting your own eyes do the focusing and letting things in the foreground or background fade tastefully into insignificance.  Even the lines of dialogue float serenely above the portraits, unconcerned with the painfully constrained 2d ancestors it’s had to deal with.

All previous UI have desperately tried to mimic these effects – they’ve added drop shadows, scaled themselves up when selected, tried to add layers of blur to things they think are in the background – but now – it can be done for real, and I love it.  I keep turning to anyone who will listen, exclaiming just how damned sexy the UI is.

Oh, and the game is a massive amount of strategy fun too – just to make the cake on this icing-fest even tastier.