Hawken, the upcoming indie mech game looks amazing – and yet it makes me sad.  Why?  Because it’s multiplayer only.

While I might wishfully hope that, as it’s been created using the Unreal engine, there may be some singleplayer mods available for it, I know in my heart of hearts that it is highly unlikely.  Epic (last time I checked) charged more for distribution of a moddable version of their engine, and for an indie company, that might just be a cost they cannot justify.

Right now, however, I can ogle the videos – beautifully over-greebled control panels up in my face, while each mechanized step is gloriously stompy and jaw-clenchingly solid.  To watch the ballet of several tonnes of metal, punctuated by brilliant yellow explosions, and the beep, beep, beep, of weapons overheating – all the while in a world that is infinite shades of grey and splattered with eye searingly colorful ads for nonsensical made up products – that, is what I must settle for just now.  Oh well, it’s a tough life.