3d Pie gif image from MPO

Animated GIF of the pie I made - converted from MPO

I apologise to the epileptics out there, but the above image is my first attempt at converting the 3d photographs from the Nintendo 3DS (in MPO) format, into a ‘web usable’ format – in this case, animated GIF.  Over on the IGN boards, user DarkDepths created a Java app that will do the converting from MPO to JPG to GIF, with a selectable delay between the two frames.

While I assume that the rest of the internet will soon figure out a better way of displaying MPO files, in the meantime, when I’m going to post some 3d photographs from the 3DS, I can at least give those without the little whizzy device an idea of what the image is all about.  It’s pretty incredible how horribly artifact-ridden the above image looks, but on the relatively low resolution 3ds screen, it looks pretty amazing.  The original MPO file of the pie, has now been uploaded to Google Docs, which thankfully manages to show a JPG preview – more than I can say for most image hosting solutions.

And why yes – that is a home made chicken and ham pie, chips and veggies that I took a photograph of.  It was incredibly tasty, and if I weren’t so very bad at measuring my ingredients out, I’d write up a recipe here too.