Light Muses EL-bodysuit by Visual Drugstore

Light Muses EL-bodysuit by Visual Drugstore

EL wire is a gift to anyone who’s ogled Tron – indeed, EL wire is far more high tech and real than the original Tron effects could dream of!  The slinky outfit above is from Visual Drugstore, and while I love the effect, two things about it worry me –

  1. There’s a large void at the stomach area, and the lines bulge out to avoid it.  Is this ‘fattening’ in EL terms?
  2. It’s a body suit – some can get away with it, most cannot.

Of course, it’d only be of any use either in pitch darkness (in the woods perhaps), on stage, or in the clubs.  It’s not exactly everyday wear.  However, if you wanted to do your own, there’s a lot of advice out there on how to add pseudo vector graphics of your own.

Seen at Dudecraft.