Mauro Colagreco, Bob Noto photography

Not pureed asteroid parasite - sea urchin with saffron, coriander and parsley foam.

Sometimes I hanker for sci-fi food – which, I admit, doesn’t make any kind of sense.  I want something so strange, peculiar and out there, that it just couldn’t come from our planet or time!  However, searching for sci-fi food will get you half a million results for gagh, scores of cocktail recipes for pan galactic gargle blasters, and a handful of very well thought out methods for making problematic ice planet desserts.  All well and good – but not alien enough for me – I don’t want the food of an existing franchise, but something odd in and of itself.

Something like the sea urchin and saffron, coriander and parsley foam, above.  From a series of photographs by Bob Noto, and a dish from the French restaurant, Mirazure, this is utterly ridiculous, and perfect.  I’ve no idea how it would taste, I don’t have any handy edible sea urchin shells lying around with which to experiment myself, and in all honesty it’s probably too much of a bother to actually qualify as food, instead of a piece of edible art – but I like it.

So, I continue to look for alien, or science-fiction foods – not of any particular piece of media (belay that command for Earl Grey, hot, and I’ll do without any Soylent Green substitutes, thankyou) but food that just seems odd enough that it could have a story all of its own.  I’ll write the story afterwards, but the food comes first, in this situation.  Oh, and don’t even talk to me about freeze dried ice cream – yuck.

(Seen over at Tasteologie.)