Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to build an NPC house in Terraria.  The game itself doesn’t offer much help in this respect, and I noticed a few people searching for some tips.  Personally, I love embellishing the houses to be more specific to the NPC who occupies them, but the video will get you the basics.  More tips, mostly for decorating, follow:

Obviously, you can go wild with experimenting later.  Use raw stone to make rustic walls for your guard towers, or refine the stone into grey bricks for a more elegant castle exterior.  Perhaps you want to use that clay you found to make red brick walls and ‘back’ walls, or maybe you’d prefer to make your houses out of gold (or copper, or hellstone, or…)

Some (non-functional) decorating ideas for your various NPC friends:

  • There are bricks you can steal from the buildings in hell, which flicker and twinkle with infernal light – ideal for a red-hot, lava accented, forge for your Gunsmith.
  • Perhaps, instead, you want to place wooden platforms as shelves, and steal arcane tomes from the dungeon to line your Helper‘s abode (he must be well read to know all those tips).
  • Alternatively, maybe the Dryad will appreciate you turning that clay into pots, and growing some flowers for her.
  • I put a storage chest behind the Merchant‘s table and chair, and filled his shelves with glass bottles – a rather Zelda inspired look.
  • And what Nurse‘s hospital would be complete without a bed of the finest spider silk?

Remember – the back wall can’t be made of dirt (it counts as a cave-like environment then, and not very homely) and it mustn’t have any gaps in it – so take care with multi level buildings with different back walls that the transition point is exactly at the floor/ceiling level.

(More information can be found at the Terraria wiki, and the video music is “Gaslamp Funworks” from