Stilts in Edinburgh, by Flickr user, Lee Carson

Peg stilts and owners, off for a stroll - by Lee Carson, on Flickr


A couple of weekends ago, I woke up with an idea for a project (a not unusual event for me) and it started with – “Why don’t I have a pair of stilts?”

An excellent question, I’m sure you’d agree, and one that after two weekends of buying the wrong kinds of saw, discovering I’ve got the wrong kind of velcro, and general dilly-dallying, I’ve now made my own pair of 18″ rising peg stilts!  They’re a little wonky, the wood is bowed in places, but after my first trial run (and my first go on stilts of any kind since I was 8) I declare them to be a success!

They’re quite similar to the stilts above (a photograph from Flickr user Lee Carson) excepting they’re constructed from one long piece of wood with a bolted on support, and my straps are huge 2″ wide, luminous yellow car-towing straps with velcro.  They’re amazing fun 😀

I only pootered around for a while – first wobbling, and then confidently striding from tree to flagpole to bench in the little park across the way.  I was sad to take them off, really.  Seems that even though I hadn’t used stilts since I was little, and these being the strap-to-your-calves stilts, not the hold-the-ends-of-the-poles stilts, the knowledge is transferable, and a bit like riding a bike.  Not quite ready to walk to work with them on yet (I’m nervous about falling over in the road while crossing, and being unable to get back up – mostly because I’d be inconveniencing the drivers) but it won’t be long!