Six 3d printed TARDISes iterations

Versions 01 to 06, in my TARDIS printing iteration

I’m still having fun with the best toy in the world – my 3d printer!  This week, I decided to try to make a tiny, light up, TARDIS model – ideally to fit on one of my hair clips.  At the moment, the LEDs are too big, so the model above is approx 5cm tall – way too big for a hair clip.

Still, I’ve got new LEDs coming in the mail (3mm, blinking, in white and blue) and I’ve got teeny tiny batteries intended for hearing aids – so while the above is a ‘Micro-TARDIS’, the ‘Pico-TARDIS’ may yet live!  It’s been a fun model to iterate on (as you can possibly make out above).  The first model was solid, had no hole in the top, was the wrong shade of blue, and didn’t have the window frames in properly.  Five iterations later, and we’ve got the sign on the door extruded, hollows in the back for seating the two batteries, a cap for the top, a slide in panel for the back, and the window frames are just about working – if a little wobbly.

The model is over at Thingiverse, as well as photographs of the insides, showing the (admittedly somewhat ghetto) circuit inside.  And yes – that LED is a UV LED – just because.  The old girl looks pretty good in person – definitely desk-toy worthy 🙂