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Concept art from Deus Ex: Human Revolutions, for Adam Jensen's apartment (with candelabra)

Concept art for Jensen's apartment in Deux Ex: Human Revolutions - note the candelabra

I’ve been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and reveling in the stealth-puzzle options available to me.  It means I spend a lot of time in one area, creeping around like the Creeping Kid, and because I’ve turned off the object highlighting and mission arrows, I need to actually look at the environments.

One environment that struck me more than many others, was Jensen’s apartment – the second the artificially intelligent door opened for me, I was drinking in the strong Bladerunner vibe.  Noir-ish lighting spills through room high, slatted windows, casting long dark shadows across the jumble and accumulated debris of Adam’s life and upheaval – it feels like a refugee from Tron was put under house arrest in a long abandoned, 18th Century Parisian flat.  In short, I liked it.

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Project Tacit: Sonar For The Blind from Grathio Labs on Vimeo.

Bat vision – yes!  A very clever gentleman called Steve Hoefer has posted a bloody incredible tutorial on how to make your own wrist mounted sonar sensor, which you can wave around the place and near-instantaneously recieve feedback on how close objects are to you.  Super-awesome (and the red-neoprene makes it sleek and sci-fi looking) and so well written up, I’m tempted to try making one.  The only thing that puts me off is that it’s classed as an intermediate project, and I’ve barely dabbled with Arduino electronics projects in the past.

But it would be so cool to have bat senses on my wrist.  To point my arm out, and have little rubber-tipped motors gently press on my skin to say “To close!  Beware!”

Silicone mold and uncolored TARDIS lollypop

Though melting in the humidity, and remarkably un-blue, this is a very tasty TARDIS

Not long now until the second half of the Doctor Who season starts up again – and I admit to being a bit Who-mad about it all.  I’ve made miniature TARDISes, TARDIS cake-pops, and now (and my most difficult challenge yet) – TARDIS lollipops, with homemade silicone molds from 3d printed positives.

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Pere Tubert Juhé's flask photograph from Flickr

Pere Tubert Juhé's photograph of flasks - no Erlenmeyer flasks were harmed in the making of this drink.

In the past, I’ve often been a bit critical of the ‘juice content’ of various drinks on the market – I got annoyed when my favorite lemonade brand decided to go ‘sugar lite!’ and remove a hefty amount of the lemon juice in the process – because some people are unwilling to limit their consumption (and leaving me with a watery disappointment).  It sounds good, too, to be able to claim that such and such a drink has more ‘real fruit juice’ than the other brand – even if it turns out to be padded out with grape and apple juice.

So, it would seem peculiar that my latest amusement is making lemonade without the lemons.  Not a milliliter, nor fraction of a fluid ounce of real fruit goes into this – I should hate it for the abomination that it is.  Instead, however, I’m enjoying drinking a ‘Science Drink’ that consists of only three ingredients – and one of them is water.

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A sneak peek of the TARDIS from the second half of Doctor Who, Season 6

Policebox Flying by the Window - Just Another Day in the Life of a Timelord

Oh, and River Song (boooo!) – it can only be a new trailer for the upcoming second half of the Doctor Who season.

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