Murder of Crow shaped Cookies - Inspired by Bioshock Infinite

A Murder of Murder of Crow Cookies

I forget, sometimes, that I’m in the United States – when I made TARDIS shaped cakepops for the office, quite a few people had no idea what a TARDIS was.  (Calm down, Brits in the back!)  I’m quietly confident that this time, everyone in the office will know exactly what I’m referencing – the Murder of Crow vigor bottles from Bioshock Infinite.

The cookies, seen above, are entirely edible – but quite weirdly made.  I 3d printed a cookie cutter, using a little cookie cutter making application – I took one of the many publicly available images of the Murder of Crows bottle, and traced around the outline.  I tried dying the cookie dough black, but  they came out purple – which is fine and dandy.  Instead of vanilla flavoring, I used raspberry.  Black colored icing was carefully (but – let’s be honest here, messily) applied to the surface, and gold dragees* (silver balls to people from the UK) embedded while it was still wet.  Then, I sprayed them from a low angle with bronze, edible lustre spray – awesome stuff!  Lastly I cut out the tags from thinly rolled fondant, drew on the stars and crow outline with an edible decorating pen, and ‘glued’ it to the cookie using warm strawberry jam.


I only made ten of them – life is too short, after all. 🙂

*If you read the wikipedia link, the US Food and Drug administration consider metallic dragees to be inedible decorations – whereas I can confirm that in the UK they’re eaten with crunchy gusto.  I will leave it up to the individual whether they want to pick them off the cookie or not.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.