Minecraft screenshot mockup, showing candy topped cubes of fudge.

Sure, a shovel would be the better tool, but pickaxes are more iconic!

Fudge is three things – delicious, neatly sliced into cubes, and dangerously easy to make!  Now, granted, it wasn’t my first choice – I considered nougat at one time – but nougat’s complicated recipe and sugar-related humidity weak spot knocked it from the list of contenders.  There are many things to consider when you wake up one morning and think “I need to make edible Minecraft cubes…”

Fudge, on the other hand, is almost too easy to make!  Two main ingredients – a can of sweetened condensed milk + 18oz (or 510g) of chocolate chips, and you’re away!  Even the chips can be replaced for different kinds of chocolate, or different ‘cooking chips’ or a blend of others.  The other ingredients – a pinch of salt and a 1.5tsp of vanilla added at the end, and you just flatten the stuff in a papered tray and chill.  Dangerous.

So yes – fudge does a marvelous job as Minecraft block imitator – especially dipped in melted green candymelt (chocolate-ish coating).  I had intended to dip them into homemade peppermint rock-candy crystals, but the aforementioned humidity means that my crystal production is slow.  You know how that goes.

Future options include –

  • White chocolate fudge with grey food coloring added for stone.
  • Stone fudge with added nuts for cobblestone.
  • Banana flavored white chocolate fudge for sand.
  • Strawberry fudge for lava.
  • Etc. etc.
Not quite worked out a good method for the tree trunks yet, barring making long thin rectilinear tubes of fudge, coating them in very thin dark chocolate, and then scoring the sides with a fork before slicing.  I suspect that it would be better imitated by creating a cuboid Minecraft yule log out of slabs of spongecake.
I feel happy to have joined the ranks of Minecraftrelated food makers, nonetheless 🙂