Printed sockets and PVC piping to make a wendy house

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I had intended to make a ‘Baba Yaga’s Hut‘ costume for Halloween this year, but my ambition was greater than my time limit and while I didn’t manage the full chicken legs and miniature-witch part of the costume, I did construct a small Wendy-house like tent-thing!

The corner pieces are 3d printed – there’s corner pieces and roof angle pieces and t-junction pieces so I could make shoulder straps.  The fabric is wood patterned and the tiles (shingles, perhaps?) are brown felt.  What it lacks for in costumeness, it makes up for in sheer ‘hiding inside with a good book’-ness especially with a hot chocolate.  More people should make reading nooks for themselves, and I’m sorely tempted to kit this one out with a few more decorations – a place for hanging a light, perhaps, and certainly a padded cushion for the ground surface.  Maybe some interior pockets for stashing nodepads and pencils, etc.

If you’ve not followed the Baba Yaga link, she’s a mythological character from Slavic folklore – a witch/wise woman type character, known for her chicken legged hut, deep in the forest.  Often, she eats children – as you can imagine, I could have had a lot of fun on Halloween with that 😉

Lastly, now that I have the connectors (and much too much PVC piping) I can make the house bigger or smaller, or try a different configuration.  Simply by designing and printing some more connectors, I could have pyramid-style roof connectors, or 45 degree angle walls, or anything I please.  Miniature, play-yurts, princess castles with conical turrets, even things in the shapes of animals, cars or space ships.  If you can make it out of straight lines, I can make it with connectors and pipes.

Any suggestions?