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Light from Sunday Paper on Vimeo.

Certain things give a very tactile impulse – things you wish you could reach into the screen for, that make your fingertips tingle with anticipation for – things that you may never touch, because they’ve never existed.  Things like the globs and gibbosities of this video, glowing even and steady, slowly drooping from their sconces or oozing across the ground.  Molten metal and still red lava are the nearest equivalents, and I’m in no hurry to reach out and touch those.

Some people find the light in the video scary, even oppressive – I find myself torn between wanting to feel my hand on the softly yielding glowing surface, and the fear that every science-fiction story has conditioned me to feel.  Maybe, one day soon, I will be able to reach out and touch the rolling drifts of light, feel it envelop my hand and grasp viscous lumpfuls that then drip through my fingers.  Or I could make some oobleck and pretend I suppose.

A 3d printed, Warhammer 40k inspired dreadnought on the left, and an official Warhammer 40k dreadnought miniature on the right

On left - BomsaiBrain's 3d printed Warhammer style miniature. On right - an official GW dreadnought mini.

Anyone who’s into 3d printing is probably aware that the PirateBay recently announced a new category on their torrent tracking site for 3d model files, ostensibly for 3d printing, called Physibles.  Man do I have a lot to say about that.

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Chocolate planets by Japanese chocolatier, L'eclat

From Japanese chocolatiers, L'Eclat, this is an old photograph from when Pluto was included - the new set has only 8

Have you ever felt like an elder god, peering down upon tiny, unsuspecting worlds, deciding which insignificant planet will be first to fail to sate your inconceivable hunger?  Just me then?  Well, if you haven’t, and would like to, then chocolate planets might be the best way to go.

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