Imagine you’re in the world of Guild Wars 2 – the Shiverpeak Mountains in particular.  It’s cold; a perpetual winter, where even the warmest parts of the landscape are barely above 0°C, birch trees and fir trees dominate a landscape peppered with shaggy bears and fantasy beasts of burden of massive size and thick dense pelts.  Nearby, the lakes are frozen solid to a depth of 10m or more, the hills are covered with thick packed snow, and the homes of the Norn have extremely pointed roofs and gigantic fireplaces.  This place is COLD.

Now, skip the video above ahead to 3:33 to see the default armor types for the 8 different Norn female classes.  Remember – it’s bitterly cold.

I picked the Engineer class.  Can’t imagine why, can you?

Yeah, I know it’s ‘just a game’ and a fantasy one at that – but if there are players who pick their characters solely for sexy eye candy, I’m going to pick mine solely on practical and weather appropriate attire.  We’re being equally irrational.

I was also struck with unreasonable disappointment when the character creation screen changed from showing abstract and painterly representations of the character types to actual polygonal models – I think part of me had been hoping for that impressionistic style to carry on into the game proper – like some hybrid of Ōkami and Love.  I knew that wasn’t the style, but I wanted it anyway.  Oh well.