The SpaceX corporation's Dragon module, grappled by the ISS robotic arm

That, is the ISS robotic arm grappling the SpaceX Dragon module.

Just the best headline ever, and entirely accurate.

The SpaceX corporation’s Dragon module successfully berthed with the ISS today, first being grabbed by the robot arm and then drawn into position to dock.  I was watching on’s NASA TV – and I’m convinced that SpaceX and NASA were conspiring to ensure that they had the most ridiculous, awesome, soundbites and quotes – things straight from the cover of an 80’s metal/rock band record sleeve.

‘The robotic arm grappled the Dragon.’

‘… and finally we captured the Dragon.’

Just brilliant.  The one disappointing aspect, is that despite searching for a while, I’ve not been able to find a picture of a dragon and a robot fighting in space – not even on DeviantART where I was sure I’d be able to find one.  Internet, I am disappointed.

I can definitely recommend NASA.TV – it’s like space science all the time.  Nowhere near as stuffy as you might imagine – micro-interviews with NASA employees of different disciplines, short info-movies on different aspects of space (just watched a kid-appropriate cartoon on what you’d need to live on the moon), and rock-music tracked science unboxing, interspersed with LIVE viewing of whatever event’s happening at the time.  It’s like Mythbusters with less explosions, but a lot more space to make up for it.  How I wish that NASA.TV was left on in waiting rooms instead of sensationalist news channels or sports programming!