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A 3d printed anglepoise lamp, from the highly derived LED Desk Lamp by CarryTheWhat on Thingiverse

A no-solder, 3d printed, miniature anglepoise lamp in black and UV.

Above, you can see my weekend project – a 3d printed, no-soldering-iron-required, LED using miniature anglepoise lamp.  I printed it on Saturday, and assembled it on Sunday – it’s fitted with 6 UV LEDs (because I couldn’t find any white at the time) and the lamp shade has a thin accent line of glow-in-the-dark plastic as a highlight.

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A Skaven watchtower model, 3d printed

My 3d printed Skaven watchtower

Bit of a weekend project – a 3d printable piece of Warhammer Fantasy Battle terrain.  I keep flip-flopping on whether I like the texture – an artifact of the 3d printing process.  It’s sort of interesting; a little reminiscent of wood, but different.

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A promising looking trailer for the new H+ online sci-fi series.  From what I can gather, a brilliant scientist is hired to continue his work on augmented reality implants in the near future, something goes very wrong, and it’s up to him and the people he encounters (including a beautiful Indian woman who reminds me that Indian sci-fi is still overdue its day in the sun) to try to survive.  Apparently the episodes will go up weekly on YouTube, starting early next month.

I’ve subscribed, and look forward to it – so little in the way of good new sci-fi these days.

Dubstep Dispute from Fluxel Media on Vimeo.

It seemed like just another day in the kitchen, until Chefbot spilled a perfectly good pan of hot powertubes all over the patrons and the place just exploded.  Wubs EVERYWHERE.