A Skaven watchtower model, 3d printed

My 3d printed Skaven watchtower

Bit of a weekend project – a 3d printable piece of Warhammer Fantasy Battle terrain.  I keep flip-flopping on whether I like the texture – an artifact of the 3d printing process.  It’s sort of interesting; a little reminiscent of wood, but different.

I’m considering making alternative supports (a finished model includes 3 supports) with things like ladders, extra floors, warpstone braziers, fetid piles of debris – the usual.

I’m thinking of getting back into playing Warhammer Fantasy, you see – despite not having played since I was the unreasonable tyrant of my own war-gaming club, aged 13.  Back then, I played High Elves really, really, badly – I’m not sure I won a single game – but this time I’m going to try the sneaky, scuttering, Skaven – the rat men.  Maybe a change of army and over a decade of extra gaming experience will improve my chances – at least their watchtowers will be quick to assemble!