Circular Gallifreyan cufflinks for Space (spase) and Time

Another set of cufflinks – this time in the fictional language of circular Gallifreyan

My flurry of 3d printed cufflink creation continues – and again I’m posting the Doctor Who inspired ones (not the ones inspired by my work, because some include art that’s not public yet).  These cufflinks have ‘circular Gallifreyan‘ on them – a non-official, fictional writing method inspired by Doctor Who.

Translation below.

These particular cufflinks say “Space” and “Time” (or rather “Spase” as circular Gallifreyan has no letter ‘c’).

They’re read from the bottom (as seen on the photograph) and the example on the right is broken into two ‘phonemes’ – TI on the bottom of the circle, and ME on the top of the circle.  The ‘bite’ out of the main circle corresponds to the letter T, and the dot with the line from it (that would be on the main circle, were it not for the bite) corresponds to the letter I.  M is written by adding a circle entirely enclosed within the main circle, with 3 radiating lines from its edge – in this example, the line from the I does double duty as one of the lines from the M.  The E is written as a line-less dot in the center of the circle of the M.

Space, is written as S, PA, SE, going anti-clockwise.  Exercise for the reader, and all that.

I did try painting them with the details picked out in teal (to correspond with the TARDIS interior color-scheme) but they were a little garish, and I repainted them back to orangey-gold.  Not my best, but fun nonetheless!