So, I have this marvelous theory about what’s happening to the Doctor (based mostly on the events of Asylum of the Daleks) – and it, and the trailer for the Christmas special, lie beneath the cut.

My theory, and if you’ve watched the above ‘minisode’ then you’ll be as up to date as I am, is that the nanites from Asylum of the Daleks have taken root in the Doctor, and are slowly turning him into a ‘Timelord/Dalek’ – removing all the love and replacing it with hate.  Sure, in AotD, Amy thought he was probably immune or something, when it transpired that he’d slipped his nanite immunity bracelet on her when she wasn’t looking – but really – of all the races in the universe, who but the Daleks would know best whether they’d work on a Timelord?

My theory, then, is that Oswin Oswald, the brilliant Human/Dalek from AotD escaped from the prison planet before it was destroyed and has made her way to Victorian London.  She cannot remember the Doctor (because she wiped it from the shared database) and the Doctor won’t recognize her.  Wait what?  Well, because I believe the nanties are at work on the Doctor, when he next sees a Dalek, he’ll see them as humanoid instead – much like Amy saw the ballerina dancing.

So, the Doctor, in his darkest, most hate-filled place, will encounter a lovely young woman hiding from the world – and she’ll be amazing, absolutely brilliant.  It’ll turn out that she’s a Dalek, and will probably have to save him from the nanites.  There may be some perception filters involved so that a Dalek can travel unimpeded with the Doctor.

As extra evidence – the narrator for the above minisode sounds an awful lot like the Scottish military scientist in the Victory of the Daleks episode – the one that turned out to be a walking, talking, bomb, created by the Daleks.  Why would someone from WWII be narrating an episode from the reign of Queen Victoria?  Again, I suspect Dalek involvement. Wait, no, I take it all back – the voice over is who I thought it was at first – Mark Gatiss, prolific Doctor Who writer, co-creator of Sherlock and actor who plays Mycroft Holmes – doing a Scottish accent.  Shame, as Bill Paterson’s character from VotD, was mentioned as having had the memories of a living person put in his positronic brain – and it would have been rather nifty if it had been from someone the Doctor met earlier.

But then – they go and show the trailer for the Christmas special – and there’s no obvious Daleks to be seen!  The big teases!!