Kiosk 2.0 from Unfold. Notice the printer inside, the hanging prints, and the bag of all-too-familiar printing-detritus.

I had wanted to create something like this – a mobile, wheeled, 3d printing street-vendor cart!  Called Kiosk 2.0 and created by ‘Unfold Design Studio’ based out of Belgium, the Kiosk combines printer and scanner (and I’d not thought of a scanner when I was making plans) and little bags of pre-printed objects hanging from the shelter over the top.  tl;dr – The ultimate kiosk will include printer, scanner AND recycler – and we’re almost there!

If you look at the photos, you’ll see that they’ve even printed dayglo-orange knuckle dusters – something I had done in black (and more facetted – my own design) when I was seriously hankering over things to print for an imagined kiosk.  Of course, less violent prints would be preferable – my hairclips for example.

I imagine that if you got yourself one of those particularly fast printers, and a good camera, you could use 123D Catch to mobilize the current fad of 3d printing photobooths!  It would probably be easier to just have the scanner, and have it delivered 🙂

One day soon, you’ll be able to have a hopper for the failed prints, the returned prints, the recycled prints and other consumer plastic waste, and you can spit out new filament on the go.  How about it?  For every 10g of plastic you deposit, you get a stamp on your card – fill the card and get a free print!