Just a quick post to talk about a dish/food-form called Bunny Chow from South Africa.  Street food has such inventive solutions to the problems of eating on the go (and packaging) and Bunny Chow is no different.

The idea being that you order your protein (be it chicken, lentil, goat or lamb) curry and it is served to you in the gutted portion of a white loaf.  So you might, most traditionally request a ‘quarter mutton’ – and you could be served sheep curry in the hollowed out shell of quarter of a full size loaf.

What I did above, however, was to put a portion of garlic chicken curry (which I mixed yogurt into, because it was mighty spicy) into both halves of a hollowed out mini-loaf I’d baked at home.  Beware – while it looks like a small meal (that’s a small, saucer-sized plate in the photograph) you ARE trying to eat a small loaf all on your own.

When I do this again (and I will) I’ll stick to just half a small loaf per person.  Perhaps I’ll try filling it with chili, goulash or stew instead.  Very filling indeed, and I can see that it would have been ideal for hard working people on the go, in the streets of South Africa.