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Above, a trailer for a new sci-fi show, called (at least so far) Almost Human.  A broken cop awakes 2 years after a terrible accident to find his world full of synthetic police persons – persons that he has a deep seated dislike and distrust of.  Cue him getting a new partner, being unstable, angry and hard to get on with.

It looks so incredibly lush – with visual callbacks to things like Bladerunner, Minority Report and possibly even the credits to Person of Interest.

I would watch this SO HARD.

[EDIT:  And I did – before it got cancelled 😦  Shame they showed the episodes out of order, and I’m sad they cancelled it just as it was getting really interesting!]

For a few seconds, I wondered what was going on in this video – was it a man doing face exercises?  Was it another ‘electrically stimulated‘ face experiment?  Well, it’s the Geminoid DK, and it’s not actually human (which you can tell after a few moments).  For those first few seconds, however,  I was uncertain – and that uncertainty is a clear flag that the creators have managed to take the first great steps out of the uncanny valley of terrifying near-human forms.

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