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Journey Made Me Cry

Screenshot from Journey, by ThatGameCompany

Two strangers Journey towards a mysterious mountain.

Oh good grief.  I just experienced Journey on the PS3 – by ThatGameCompany.  I know I was looking forward to it – they made Flower after all – but I was… well blown away is too crude a phrase.  I was deeply affected by it.

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More Animations: Second Wind

Rooting through the old archives of Ufunk.net, I found another lovely student animation called Second Wind.  This one almost brought tears to my eyes.

Watch, for a lovely old man and his rather large cat, fishing and playing together, until an unexpected encounter upsets their relationship.  Made by Ian Worrel, in his last year of CalArts.  Lovely.

Agnes Nutter Never Predicted This

In a fictional universe, the fantastic novel Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett, was made into a movie, and the closing credits are above.  The casting is a little peculiar in places, I grant you, but I love the style and I’d pay my ticket to watch it, in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, while that fictional universe is not ours, we are getting a TV series of Good Omens instead.  So that’s alright then.

How excited am I allowed to be about this, without getting sectioned?  Ah, who cares.  The video above shows the operation of a computer controlled bioreactor and integrated vending machine for spirulina – a form of blue-green algae and all round science celebrity!

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A Custom Pet Salesman's Display Box

Deus ex Arca - A Custom Pet Salesman's Box by Jacob Petersson

“What’s that, little girl?  You want a blue-eyed canary?  And young master – you desire a three tailed monkey?  Why that is simplicity itself for the Custom Pet Salesman!  We’ve got custom ears, personalized eyes and fur of a thousand colors!  Now you can have a  pet that is as unique as your precious child – and we guarantee*  no-one else in the playground can match it!”

*Not an actual guarantee.

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Turn away now if you’re the type to run screaming at the thought of scientists and inventors meddling with things best left alone – because the E. Chromi project involves synthetic biology and the E. Coli bacteria.  Go on, the rest of us will click through.

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Delicious Scenery And Cozy Worlds

Eszter Burghardt's Wooly Magma image from the Wooly Magma series

Eszter Burghardt's 'Wooly Magma' from the Wooly Saga series

Miniature landscapes again – I love them so.  Maybe it’s the incredible detail that people, such as Eszter Burghardt manage to create with unexpected materials like wool, felt and fuzz, such as in the Wooly Magma photograph above, or perhaps it’s the age old child-like conflict that means that far away things often seem so small.

The photographs that Eszter Burghardt creates, with both foodstuffs and fiber, appeal to senses we might not often associate with scenery – our sense of touch and our sense of taste.  It’s that, coupled with the beauty of natural landscapes that she’s recreated, and the desire to reach out and touch these little worlds, that appeals to me so much.  That, and I love volcanic scenes, and I am particularly curious as to how the under-lighting has been achieved!

Via NotCot.

The Depth of Van Gogh’s Fields

Van Gogh, Starry Night, with a tilt shift style effect applied

Starry Night by Van Gogh, modified by Serena Malyon

Never has the sleepy town, punctuated by a church and overpowered by the incredible glory of the sky above it, seemed so tiny (via a misguided Reddit post).  It feels like you could reach out and pluck the building out of its setting with just two fingers, holding this human world full of tales and loves and drama in your fingers – but there’s less story in this teeny tiny version with its increasing focus, than in the seemingly over-sharp originals – here’s why. Continue reading