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Yes, I was at the NYC premier and it was brilliant.  No, I can’t say a word about it, of course, but it is an amazing episode.  Make sure you catch it, on the 1st, when I’ll be watching it again.

Timey-wimeness of course, means that the Pond Life mini-series that is supposed to lead up to the episode, Asylum of the Daleks, will have to be watched out of order, but I look forward to seeing how they get to where they are in the start of the episode.

I’ve written up notes on the episode because I am full to bursting with wild speculation for WHAT IT ALL MEANS, but I can’t say a word until next week.  Man, do I have some theories as to where this season’s going…


To get us properly excited in anticipation of the new season in autumn, the BBC has released the (non-teaser) trailer for series 7 of Doctor Who.  That is all.

Wait!  Turn HD on.  Yes, that’s right.  Wait for it to stream, turn the volume up a little and bask in the first full trailer for the next Doctor Who season.  Scary clowns, masked children, astronaut helmets, explosions and pirate ships, ghosts, monsters and one solitary, dangerous, deadly, gun.

“Look how cool this stuff is!”

Roll on Easter, and the start of the new season.  Roll it on indeed.