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So, this is my big internet debut!

Only 6 days to go before release now, and I’m very excited.  Looking forwards to seeing how people feel about Elizabeth – the women we worked so hard with.

(And it is the weirdest, most peculiar, thing to see your face on video for the first time.  Unnerving as all get out.)

Murder of Crow shaped Cookies - Inspired by Bioshock Infinite

A Murder of Murder of Crow Cookies

I forget, sometimes, that I’m in the United States – when I made TARDIS shaped cakepops for the office, quite a few people had no idea what a TARDIS was.  (Calm down, Brits in the back!)  I’m quietly confident that this time, everyone in the office will know exactly what I’m referencing – the Murder of Crow vigor bottles from Bioshock Infinite.

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Bioshock Infinite teaser video from the Sony E3 conference, where Ken Levine also talked about the Playstation Move, and a secret pet-project set in the Bioshock universe on the newly announced PSVita handheld.

Excited?  I certainly am 😀