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Agnes Nutter Never Predicted This

In a fictional universe, the fantastic novel Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett, was made into a movie, and the closing credits are above.  The casting is a little peculiar in places, I grant you, but I love the style and I’d pay my ticket to watch it, in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, while that fictional universe is not ours, we are getting a TV series of Good Omens instead.  So that’s alright then.

Spacesuit, designed by Wernher von Braun, illustrated by Fred Freeman, and uploaded by Paleofuture from the book First Men to the Moon

Illustration from 'First Men to the Moon' by Wernher von Braun

53 years ago, Wernher von Braun wrote a work of fiction called “First Men to the Moon”.  In it, he described the training and equipment the main character John Mason goes though – and while many have written fiction on space exploration before and after, few can claim quite the expertise as von Braun – as he went on to be instrumental in building the Saturn V, and getting the United States to the moon.

The book came with amazing illustrations such as the one above, which Paleo-Future blog has been good enough to scan from this very out of print book.  (There’s one more, and larger versions, at Paleo-Future).  The diagrams, by Fred Freeman, speak of spacesuits of flexibility; tightly wrapped around wiry, dynamic astronauts – but those aren’t the boxy, bulky, almost comical suits that we’ve all seen.  But fashion always comes around again, and maybe technology is catching up on Mr Freeman…

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A beautiful creation – a popup book with a nearby projector, bringing the book to life in a surprisingly lifelike way.  The acting is a little overdone, in places, but otherwise, this magical window into the story of an ice princess, luring a boy into her world, gets my mind fired up with possibilities.

Tiny projectors, magical books, Kinect-enabled playrooms, miniature people living in the corners of your living room, ‘see through’ fridges showing you what you’ve got inside, a different colored rug every day, greatly improved hand-turkeys.  What would you do if you could project onto the world?