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So, I think it’s safe to say, I have a 3d printing ‘problem’.  I love 3d printing – dodgy prints and wonky extrusions and all – and if I’m not printing something, I feel that I’m wasting valuable print-time!

I’ve got a handful of 3d printing projects on the go at the moment

  • A passive coin sorter – darn you, US 1¢ coin vs. 10¢, with your 1mm difference in diameter!
  • A hairbrush with replaceable bristles, and interchangable handles – for different firmness and length of bristles, and different, customized ergonomic handles.
  • Updates to my glowstick candelabra – collaborating with a smart gent to make a version that can be wired for LED use.
  • Trying out the maglite candlestick that someone else on Thingiverse designed
…And new stuff every day.  I’ll wake up too early, lie in bed trying to sleep, and then BAM – new idea for a 3d printed thing will hit me.  Then, it’s only a matter of time before I sneak over to the laptop and start modelling it.
So what comes along to make my addiction worse?  MakerBot TV – a new web video series that looks at developments at MakerBot (the creators of my Thingomatic), gives advice on the use of ReplicatorG (the tool I use for 3d printing) and then features some of the objects at Thingiverse (where I upload all my designs and avidly watch other designs being uploaded).
There’s no saving me, it would appear.  Another 2 year obsession has hit, and hit hard.  My last one was Steampunk, a few years ago, and I’ve been experiencing the calm before the storm, waiting for the next one to hit.  Well, this is it!
Concept art from Deus Ex: Human Revolutions, for Adam Jensen's apartment (with candelabra)

Concept art for Jensen's apartment in Deux Ex: Human Revolutions - note the candelabra

I’ve been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and reveling in the stealth-puzzle options available to me.  It means I spend a lot of time in one area, creeping around like the Creeping Kid, and because I’ve turned off the object highlighting and mission arrows, I need to actually look at the environments.

One environment that struck me more than many others, was Jensen’s apartment – the second the artificially intelligent door opened for me, I was drinking in the strong Bladerunner vibe.  Noir-ish lighting spills through room high, slatted windows, casting long dark shadows across the jumble and accumulated debris of Adam’s life and upheaval – it feels like a refugee from Tron was put under house arrest in a long abandoned, 18th Century Parisian flat.  In short, I liked it.

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