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Imagine a new ice age, where the only haven for humanity is a train that circumnavigates the planet once a year.  Where the haves and the have-nots have their places in 1st and 3rd class carriages, and where the have-nots are rightfully chafing under the conditions they’re subjected to.

I.  Will.  Watch.  This.

You hear that, studios?  Please, hurry up and release Snowpiercer (and ideally, the original directors cut, not some sanitized-for-Americans version) and you will have my arse in a theater seat before you can blink.


Love – A Need, A Hope, A Film.

Spotted on io9, this trailer for Love is full of somberly interviewed men, interiors of the International Space Station, inexplicable glimpses of the universe, and nonsensical, historical flashes. I’m guessing it’s another take on the loneliness of Moon, with an even more crushing premise and a more fantastical resolution.

Or madness. One of the two.

I keep getting that vibe that asks – if reality is too crushing, too terrible, to endure, is madness a welcomed friend rather than a terrifying bogeyman?