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Teenie-tiniest spoilers – only for the food that’s briefly shown in the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens!

If you’ve seen it, you may have noticed the food items that Rey earns for her scavenging, and then prepares and eats in her ramshackle, ex-Imperial Walker, home.  Those little vacuum sealed packets, or ‘portions’ as Simon Pegg’s character Unkar Plut calls them, are salvaged military ration kits which contain two foods – Veg-Meat, and Polystarch.

'Portion' description from the Star Wars visual dictionary, showing the octagonal, shrink-wrapped, scavenged military ration pack.

Reference for the ‘Portions’ seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I am a huge fan of sci-fi food, so of course, ever since I saw these, I knew I had to somehow make them.  My adventures with creating my Version 0.1, follows… Continue reading

Imagine a new ice age, where the only haven for humanity is a train that circumnavigates the planet once a year.  Where the haves and the have-nots have their places in 1st and 3rd class carriages, and where the have-nots are rightfully chafing under the conditions they’re subjected to.

I.  Will.  Watch.  This.

You hear that, studios?  Please, hurry up and release Snowpiercer (and ideally, the original directors cut, not some sanitized-for-Americans version) and you will have my arse in a theater seat before you can blink.

Terry Gilliam, he of Brazil, 12 Monkeys, and Time Bandits fame (amongst others), will soon bring us The Zero Theorem.  From the leaked trailer and other clips, its going to be gloriously mad, full of half-laughing fury, and very touchingly human indeed.  There’s not enough fresh breaths of air in big movie sci-fi settings – but Mr. Gilliam delivers.

You know what this day needs?  More over-sized combat robots with sudden emotional realizations, in a beautifully shot short film.  That’s definitely what today needs more of.

Short by Aaron Sims, and the more support it gets, the more likely it is to turn into a feature length film – good luck, Mr Sims!

Light from Sunday Paper on Vimeo.

Certain things give a very tactile impulse – things you wish you could reach into the screen for, that make your fingertips tingle with anticipation for – things that you may never touch, because they’ve never existed.  Things like the globs and gibbosities of this video, glowing even and steady, slowly drooping from their sconces or oozing across the ground.  Molten metal and still red lava are the nearest equivalents, and I’m in no hurry to reach out and touch those.

Some people find the light in the video scary, even oppressive – I find myself torn between wanting to feel my hand on the softly yielding glowing surface, and the fear that every science-fiction story has conditioned me to feel.  Maybe, one day soon, I will be able to reach out and touch the rolling drifts of light, feel it envelop my hand and grasp viscous lumpfuls that then drip through my fingers.  Or I could make some oobleck and pretend I suppose.

So maybe I oversold the ominous nature of this video – a 1 minute animated short from Japan about a cat that keeps getting its tail trod on – but it seems a running theme.  “Watch out!” we say, “Be careful!” we think, lest the cats count and scheme and plot and plan and eventually take us to task for our myriad of trespasses.  In this video, they ‘Voltron-style’ combine into a giant, Japan stomping, cat for the crime of stepping on their poor tails.

In other stories, such as “The Dream of a Thousand Cats” story in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, the cats are called to dream of a world where cats are in their rightful place – giant masters of humanity, fickle gods to tiny human playthings, snacks and slaves.  Worse still, are the nightmares caused by the (frankly terrifying-for-all-the-wrong-reasons) fan-made trailer for the story.  NSFSanity.

Don’t try to make sense of this animated short from French Goeblins school in 2008 – because I’m not sure it makes any.  Still – if you’ve wanted to see a boy, fishing for monsters in the puddles of a multicolored, multi-leveled shanty, then this is the animated short for you.

Seen at Ufunk.net.

Agnes Nutter Never Predicted This

In a fictional universe, the fantastic novel Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett, was made into a movie, and the closing credits are above.  The casting is a little peculiar in places, I grant you, but I love the style and I’d pay my ticket to watch it, in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, while that fictional universe is not ours, we are getting a TV series of Good Omens instead.  So that’s alright then.

A strange, unsettling, confusing trailer for what appears to be a strange, unsettling, confusing sci-fi film.  0000 seems to have some serious religious overtones, but I suppose that’s to be expected in a film that looks to touch on transhumanism, identity, cybernetics and immortality.  Do those strange head plugs enable the equation scrawling genius we glimpse in the trailer, or do they tear the humanity from their distraught creator?

I suspect that the title, 0000, refers to the year nought in terms of human existence – but whether that’s the beginning of a new era (like 0AD) or the end of all that we know and understand – I suppose I’ll need to watch and find out.  (Seen over at io9.)

Love – A Need, A Hope, A Film.

Spotted on io9, this trailer for Love is full of somberly interviewed men, interiors of the International Space Station, inexplicable glimpses of the universe, and nonsensical, historical flashes. I’m guessing it’s another take on the loneliness of Moon, with an even more crushing premise and a more fantastical resolution.

Or madness. One of the two.

I keep getting that vibe that asks – if reality is too crushing, too terrible, to endure, is madness a welcomed friend rather than a terrifying bogeyman?