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Teenie-tiniest spoilers – only for the food that’s briefly shown in the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens!

If you’ve seen it, you may have noticed the food items that Rey earns for her scavenging, and then prepares and eats in her ramshackle, ex-Imperial Walker, home.  Those little vacuum sealed packets, or ‘portions’ as Simon Pegg’s character Unkar Plut calls them, are salvaged military ration kits which contain two foods – Veg-Meat, and Polystarch.

'Portion' description from the Star Wars visual dictionary, showing the octagonal, shrink-wrapped, scavenged military ration pack.

Reference for the ‘Portions’ seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I am a huge fan of sci-fi food, so of course, ever since I saw these, I knew I had to somehow make them.  My adventures with creating my Version 0.1, follows… Continue reading


Just a quick post to talk about a dish/food-form called Bunny Chow from South Africa.  Street food has such inventive solutions to the problems of eating on the go (and packaging) and Bunny Chow is no different.

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3 protein cubes on a black plate, served with two condiments in pipettes

Three protein cubes, served with pipettes of condiments

In my ongoing search for sci-fi food that’s not just Gagh or Solyent Green, my mind often returns to the sci-fi staple of protein or nutrient blocks.  I know we can buy a ‘meal in a can’ and energy bars, etc. but they’re all a little too appetizing for me!  Instead, I’ve made some miniature, individual tuna loaves, with coloring.

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A plate of fried seitan with onion

Seitan (gluten) fried with onions

Again, I’m looking into sci-fi food – space food, cyberpunk food, weird food and unusual food.  Last night’s obsession was seitan – wheat gluten from flour.  Recipe and waffle below.

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Phytocycle SD or 'Salad Machine'

The microgravity-suited Phytocycle SD salad growing machine.

I’ll cut straight to the chase – the Hawaii Space Exploration Analogue & Simulation (or HI-SEAS) experiment intends to put 10 scientists and engineers in a space-style pod for 4 months, and see what recipes they create with limited (non-perishable) ingredients, to inform future Mars missions.  That’s just cool.

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Minecraft screenshot mockup, showing candy topped cubes of fudge.

Sure, a shovel would be the better tool, but pickaxes are more iconic!

Fudge is three things – delicious, neatly sliced into cubes, and dangerously easy to make!  Now, granted, it wasn’t my first choice – I considered nougat at one time – but nougat’s complicated recipe and sugar-related humidity weak spot knocked it from the list of contenders.  There are many things to consider when you wake up one morning and think “I need to make edible Minecraft cubes…”

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Pere Tubert Juhé's flask photograph from Flickr

Pere Tubert Juhé's photograph of flasks - no Erlenmeyer flasks were harmed in the making of this drink.

In the past, I’ve often been a bit critical of the ‘juice content’ of various drinks on the market – I got annoyed when my favorite lemonade brand decided to go ‘sugar lite!’ and remove a hefty amount of the lemon juice in the process – because some people are unwilling to limit their consumption (and leaving me with a watery disappointment).  It sounds good, too, to be able to claim that such and such a drink has more ‘real fruit juice’ than the other brand – even if it turns out to be padded out with grape and apple juice.

So, it would seem peculiar that my latest amusement is making lemonade without the lemons.  Not a milliliter, nor fraction of a fluid ounce of real fruit goes into this – I should hate it for the abomination that it is.  Instead, however, I’m enjoying drinking a ‘Science Drink’ that consists of only three ingredients – and one of them is water.

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Mauro Colagreco, Bob Noto photography

Not pureed asteroid parasite - sea urchin with saffron, coriander and parsley foam.

Sometimes I hanker for sci-fi food – which, I admit, doesn’t make any kind of sense.  I want something so strange, peculiar and out there, that it just couldn’t come from our planet or time!  However, searching for sci-fi food will get you half a million results for gagh, scores of cocktail recipes for pan galactic gargle blasters, and a handful of very well thought out methods for making problematic ice planet desserts.  All well and good – but not alien enough for me – I don’t want the food of an existing franchise, but something odd in and of itself.

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3d Pie gif image from MPO

Animated GIF of the pie I made - converted from MPO

I apologise to the epileptics out there, but the above image is my first attempt at converting the 3d photographs from the Nintendo 3DS (in MPO) format, into a ‘web usable’ format – in this case, animated GIF.  Over on the IGN boards, user DarkDepths created a Java app that will do the converting from MPO to JPG to GIF, with a selectable delay between the two frames.

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How excited am I allowed to be about this, without getting sectioned?  Ah, who cares.  The video above shows the operation of a computer controlled bioreactor and integrated vending machine for spirulina – a form of blue-green algae and all round science celebrity!

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