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With my current escape room obsession, I feel I ought to write up what I’ve admired, or felt disappointed in, so that I can pretend that there’s something noble coming out of my inability to say no to an escape room invite.  So here we are.

An Hour To Kill” is a James Bond themed escape room from “The Exit Room” company in Los Angeles, USA.  It is, at time of writing, their newest and flashiest room – though I think they may have a few last little technical kinks to work out.

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The Onion shows us the only news that matters – the news from THE FUTURE.

(I’m soon to run a cyberpunk-setting pen-and-paper RPG with some friends and this is just perfect setting fodder!  Marvelous slang.)

A few scripting examples in Stencyl, showing my 'Click to Select' behavior

Event based, drag-and-drop, pretty colors and asset pipeline simplicity - scripting in Stencyl

I keep wanting to make more games – tiny, little, niche games that would have a market of one (me) – but, as it has been pointed out to me in the past, I have been irreparably scarred for life by a love affair with BASIC.  Try as I might, more ‘grown up’ languages like C++ (or even C#) just baffled me with their convoluted asset pipelines and frustratingly long-winded setup and grammar.  Even dabbling with something accessible like XNA had me throwing up my arms over scope, types, and constructors.

Lately, I wanted to dabble with some Flash game making – 2D specifically – and after failing to find all the correct versions and up-to-date tutorials for Flixel, I discovered Stencyl.  Oh, my word – how it’s been a balm to my BASIC-crippled mind!

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Bioshock Infinite teaser video from the Sony E3 conference, where Ken Levine also talked about the Playstation Move, and a secret pet-project set in the Bioshock universe on the newly announced PSVita handheld.

Excited?  I certainly am 😀

Nifty, somewhat mind-bending (if you’re not used to it), live-action video of two cloning/time travelling opponents sending their duplicates out to fight each other.  First, they can only send out one copy each, but with each round’s end, they can send another (differently colored) clone out to accompany the first.  The fun is when the clones start setting up opportunities for each other.  Then, when actions of later clones, interrupt the behaviors of earlier clones (the “Unlinked!” effect over their heads).  Think of it as squad based combat, where you are the entire squad.  Single player co-op, even.

Some people, who know who they are, might recognize some of the ideas here 🙂  Either way – it looks fun!

(Seen over at Reddit, in the Gaming subreddit).

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to build an NPC house in Terraria.  The game itself doesn’t offer much help in this respect, and I noticed a few people searching for some tips.  Personally, I love embellishing the houses to be more specific to the NPC who occupies them, but the video will get you the basics.  More tips, mostly for decorating, follow:

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From Dust, concept art

Concept Art of From Dust from Ubisoft

While the gaming universe is twisting itself into a POrTAl TwO pickle, for some reason I was reminded of From Dust, and upcoming game from Ubisoft in the style of Populous.  The videos look beautiful – globs and dollops of the very stuff of life, pliable in your hands.

I even get a strange feeling in my hands when I think of it – I like to imagine that it’s my mirror neurons longing to grasp, mold and smooth.

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Hawken, the upcoming indie mech game looks amazing – and yet it makes me sad.  Why?  Because it’s multiplayer only.

While I might wishfully hope that, as it’s been created using the Unreal engine, there may be some singleplayer mods available for it, I know in my heart of hearts that it is highly unlikely.  Epic (last time I checked) charged more for distribution of a moddable version of their engine, and for an indie company, that might just be a cost they cannot justify.

Right now, however, I can ogle the videos – beautifully over-greebled control panels up in my face, while each mechanized step is gloriously stompy and jaw-clenchingly solid.  To watch the ballet of several tonnes of metal, punctuated by brilliant yellow explosions, and the beep, beep, beep, of weapons overheating – all the while in a world that is infinite shades of grey and splattered with eye searingly colorful ads for nonsensical made up products – that, is what I must settle for just now.  Oh well, it’s a tough life.

I’m sorry the video above with rather overblown guitar soundtrack can’t convey the spine-tingling sexiness of the UI in Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.  The 3d screen on the new 3DS had been very well designed for – the semitransparent portrait windows hover above each other, tastefully distinct, letting your own eyes do the focusing and letting things in the foreground or background fade tastefully into insignificance.  Even the lines of dialogue float serenely above the portraits, unconcerned with the painfully constrained 2d ancestors it’s had to deal with.

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Alpha Centauri, by discurrere on DeviantArt

Discurrere's photograph, "Alpha Centauri"

Sometimes I crave a game experience that no-one seems to offer anymore.  Sometimes, it’s not the hero’s journey writ in space marines, treasure hunters or modern soldiers that I want – it’s not even caring for a farm, organizing a mafia, or matching three gems that calls me.  No, sometimes, I want to transcend from the human condition, wrestling with morality decisions that have no right answer, with the ultimate goal of throwing off my petty concerns for flesh, self or identity and elevating the entirity of humanity to something far greater than it can possibly imagine.

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