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Please, take no offence, but sports are stupid.  They really are – I mean, I understand that they are war-proxies, they’re excellent team building, camaraderie forming, strategy teaching forms of exercise – however, they are, fundamentally, daft.  Throwing egg shaped balls at each other?  Attempting to bounce little yellow spheres inside lines with a bouncy net on a stick?  What kind of sense does that make?

Well, I’ll tell you – just as much sense as my previous favorite sport (Kabaddi) and my new joint fave (Bo-Taoshi).

While Bo-Taoshi (or Boutaoshi) is doing the rounds on the internet, with people calling it the new Japanese sport, it seems it’s been around since before 1973, so not quite as new as purported.

How is it played?  Well, grab two massive teams of people, designate an attackers team and a defenders team, then give the defenders a tall telegraph pole with a stick on the end, and tell them that their only mission is to keep that pole upright.  The attackers?  Well, they just leap, scramble, wrestle and fight their way into the scrum, with the goal of bringing the pole down to 30 degrees to the horizontal.  There – that makes as much sense as the offside rule, really.

Indian Fortune Telling Robot

Indian fortune-telling robot at Magh Mela fair

I love this – I love that there are fortune telling robots scattered across fairs and markets in India.  These plastic mystics, these fiberglass fortune-tellers, are studded with garish LEDs, sport a clock embedded in their crotch, and frequently a pair of voltmeters or ammeters, one in each pectoral.  Lastly, and most importantly, there are multiple headphone sockets, usually in the hips or waist.

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