With a voice as smooth as the 3-pixel cigar he’s smoking, prefaced with testcards and static, the mysterious gentleman from Sword & Sworcery gently informs us that while we may think that we are in control of our own destinies – of our own purchases – in reality we are but the willing pawns in his subtle machinations.  We are not, he calmly recounts from his ornately twisted high-backed chair, merely buying our gizmos for inconsequential uses such as email, the web, or the like – but because our subconscious is gnawing at us.  Gnawing incessently, at the lack, the need, for the Sword & Sworcery game.

I’m not even sure it’s my kind of game – but I adore this ‘Illusive Man‘ style voice over, this pixellated Outer Limits introduction, this Mad Men style, suave-suited, unfashionably nicotine addicted and disgustingly collected mastermind, lying to my face and not giving a damn.  Could have gone wrong, went very, very right.