Pere Tubert Juhé's flask photograph from Flickr

Pere Tubert Juhé's photograph of flasks - no Erlenmeyer flasks were harmed in the making of this drink.

In the past, I’ve often been a bit critical of the ‘juice content’ of various drinks on the market – I got annoyed when my favorite lemonade brand decided to go ‘sugar lite!’ and remove a hefty amount of the lemon juice in the process – because some people are unwilling to limit their consumption (and leaving me with a watery disappointment).  It sounds good, too, to be able to claim that such and such a drink has more ‘real fruit juice’ than the other brand – even if it turns out to be padded out with grape and apple juice.

So, it would seem peculiar that my latest amusement is making lemonade without the lemons.  Not a milliliter, nor fraction of a fluid ounce of real fruit goes into this – I should hate it for the abomination that it is.  Instead, however, I’m enjoying drinking a ‘Science Drink’ that consists of only three ingredients – and one of them is water.

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