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I’ve been playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – it’s pretty great!  However, I start singing along and air-guitaring the Top Gear theme music every time someone summons a Faer Gorta skeleton beastie.  Watch, and decide whether or not I’m completely off my rocker.

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Don’t try to make sense of this animated short from French Goeblins school in 2008 – because I’m not sure it makes any.  Still – if you’ve wanted to see a boy, fishing for monsters in the puddles of a multicolored, multi-leveled shanty, then this is the animated short for you.

Seen at Ufunk.net.

A beautiful creation – a popup book with a nearby projector, bringing the book to life in a surprisingly lifelike way.  The acting is a little overdone, in places, but otherwise, this magical window into the story of an ice princess, luring a boy into her world, gets my mind fired up with possibilities.

Tiny projectors, magical books, Kinect-enabled playrooms, miniature people living in the corners of your living room, ‘see through’ fridges showing you what you’ve got inside, a different colored rug every day, greatly improved hand-turkeys.  What would you do if you could project onto the world?

I have a Thing-O-Matic!!

Or rather, I have a pile of the parts of a Thing-O-Matic.  My slightly delayed Christmas present this year (and by rights should be my present for the next few years, it’s worth more than just one year’s Christmas) was a Thing-O-Matic – one of the leading horses in the home 3d printer race.  A weird half-way house between Star Trek replicator and inkjet printer, once I finally manage to assemble all the pieces, I will be like Mickey in the Sorcerers Apprentice – able to set it printing 3d models of buckets and brooms, endlessly repeating as long as it has a steady stream of ABS plastic to spew out.

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