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Chocolate planets by Japanese chocolatier, L'eclat

From Japanese chocolatiers, L'Eclat, this is an old photograph from when Pluto was included - the new set has only 8

Have you ever felt like an elder god, peering down upon tiny, unsuspecting worlds, deciding which insignificant planet will be first to fail to sate your inconceivable hunger?  Just me then?  Well, if you haven’t, and would like to, then chocolate planets might be the best way to go.

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Silicone mold and uncolored TARDIS lollypop

Though melting in the humidity, and remarkably un-blue, this is a very tasty TARDIS

Not long now until the second half of the Doctor Who season starts up again – and I admit to being a bit Who-mad about it all.  I’ve made miniature TARDISes, TARDIS cake-pops, and now (and my most difficult challenge yet) – TARDIS lollipops, with homemade silicone molds from 3d printed positives.

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Self-Assembly Sushi Sweeties

This quiet, peaceful, unassuming video shows a sweetie or candy kit available in Japan, called Popin’ Cookin’ Sushi Candy.  It comes with a mixing tray, pipettes, mixers, shovels, slotted spoons, and several little foil packets containing the ingredients.  Two things impressed me greatly…

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