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3d printed basic buttons in black

A (Blurry) Handful of 3d Printed Buttons in Black PLA

Please forgive my terrible ‘phone-photography (my camera is on a tripod for time-lapsing my tomatoes) but if you can’t make it out – above is a handful of 3d printed black PLA buttons.  Common or garden variety – two hole, 2cm diameter – buttons.  They’re not big, and they’re not clever – but they print in under 2 minutes and they don’t melt in the tumble-dryer (I’ve tested them – 3 times).  I broke the top button on my favorite pair of combats recently, and it was a few days before my brain finally had that eureka moment!  I designed and printed a replacement, sewed it on, all in the time one morning before leaving for work.

This is not a grand story of 3d printing – it’s no breakthrough development – it’s another grain of sand on the beach.

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I think, in my own build process, I’ve got as far as the 1 minute mark in this timelapse video of the people at Betaworks building a Thing-O-Matic 3d printer.  I am both encouraged by this (woo! 1/3 of the way through!) and discouraged (only1 minute?).  I’m a little envious of their team of clever assemblists, all working in parallel to put it together, but we’ll manage I’m sure!  Lovely bunny print at 3 minutes 10 seconds – can’t wait until I can print my own!

Congratulations to Betaworks on their new, and exciting, tool/toy!

I have a Thing-O-Matic!!

Or rather, I have a pile of the parts of a Thing-O-Matic.  My slightly delayed Christmas present this year (and by rights should be my present for the next few years, it’s worth more than just one year’s Christmas) was a Thing-O-Matic – one of the leading horses in the home 3d printer race.  A weird half-way house between Star Trek replicator and inkjet printer, once I finally manage to assemble all the pieces, I will be like Mickey in the Sorcerers Apprentice – able to set it printing 3d models of buckets and brooms, endlessly repeating as long as it has a steady stream of ABS plastic to spew out.

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