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Dubstep Dispute from Fluxel Media on Vimeo.

It seemed like just another day in the kitchen, until Chefbot spilled a perfectly good pan of hot powertubes all over the patrons and the place just exploded.  Wubs EVERYWHERE.

You know what this day needs?  More over-sized combat robots with sudden emotional realizations, in a beautifully shot short film.  That’s definitely what today needs more of.

Short by Aaron Sims, and the more support it gets, the more likely it is to turn into a feature length film – good luck, Mr Sims!

This is fantastic – but I cry out for more information on it!  This machine (by Markus Kayser) uses Fresnel lenses and solar powered motors to focus the light and heat of the Saharan sun on to the moving bed of sand – melting it as it travels and forming a crude glass.  The bed is lowered, another layer is sprinkled and leveled, and the sintering, 3d printing, sun-worshiping, dance goes on.  But I have questions!

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Certain caterpillars and lizards have an amazing escape strategy – when startled, they’ll suddenly snap into action, curling into a wheel shape and rolling at proportionally breakneak speeds away from danger.  1G of acceleration, and over 200RPM.  Zoom!  This unusual movement method (specifically the non-gravity-assisted version) is the one that the above video (of the GoQBot) is designed to imitate.

So once again, science imitates nature, and discovers more amazing secrets – and yet some aspects are still a mystery.  How does a mere caterpillar generate as much force as a leaping locust with its soft, flabby body?  Yet to be discovered.  But GoQBot, by Huai-Ti Lin, Gary G Leisk and Barry Trimmer, is already incredibly impressive.

Hawken, the upcoming indie mech game looks amazing – and yet it makes me sad.  Why?  Because it’s multiplayer only.

While I might wishfully hope that, as it’s been created using the Unreal engine, there may be some singleplayer mods available for it, I know in my heart of hearts that it is highly unlikely.  Epic (last time I checked) charged more for distribution of a moddable version of their engine, and for an indie company, that might just be a cost they cannot justify.

Right now, however, I can ogle the videos – beautifully over-greebled control panels up in my face, while each mechanized step is gloriously stompy and jaw-clenchingly solid.  To watch the ballet of several tonnes of metal, punctuated by brilliant yellow explosions, and the beep, beep, beep, of weapons overheating – all the while in a world that is infinite shades of grey and splattered with eye searingly colorful ads for nonsensical made up products – that, is what I must settle for just now.  Oh well, it’s a tough life.