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I’ve not finished watching this yet, but from the 5 minutes I’ve seen so far, out of the 20, it’s amazing.  Richly detailed, oppressive, dark and beautiful – this cyberpunk/dystopian short from Luke Scott (and Ridley Scott) simply drips, reeks and oozes style.

Dubstep Dispute from Fluxel Media on Vimeo.

It seemed like just another day in the kitchen, until Chefbot spilled a perfectly good pan of hot powertubes all over the patrons and the place just exploded.  Wubs EVERYWHERE.

You know what this day needs?  More over-sized combat robots with sudden emotional realizations, in a beautifully shot short film.  That’s definitely what today needs more of.

Short by Aaron Sims, and the more support it gets, the more likely it is to turn into a feature length film – good luck, Mr Sims!

So maybe I oversold the ominous nature of this video – a 1 minute animated short from Japan about a cat that keeps getting its tail trod on – but it seems a running theme.  “Watch out!” we say, “Be careful!” we think, lest the cats count and scheme and plot and plan and eventually take us to task for our myriad of trespasses.  In this video, they ‘Voltron-style’ combine into a giant, Japan stomping, cat for the crime of stepping on their poor tails.

In other stories, such as “The Dream of a Thousand Cats” story in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, the cats are called to dream of a world where cats are in their rightful place – giant masters of humanity, fickle gods to tiny human playthings, snacks and slaves.  Worse still, are the nightmares caused by the (frankly terrifying-for-all-the-wrong-reasons) fan-made trailer for the story.  NSFSanity.

Don’t try to make sense of this animated short from French Goeblins school in 2008 – because I’m not sure it makes any.  Still – if you’ve wanted to see a boy, fishing for monsters in the puddles of a multicolored, multi-leveled shanty, then this is the animated short for you.

Seen at Ufunk.net.

Showing us a sci-fi future that nods like a bobble headed dog to video game UIs, The Package by Calder Greenwood and team, is dark, surprisingly uncheesy, and gives me a hankering for playing games like Frozen Synapse, Subversion, and Space Hulk.

Being the guy at the main computer, watching the little glowing specks on a wireframe map and knowing they’re a squad of tense, sweaty, professionals with guns and orders and fear in their gut.  Watching the deadly orchestra of a plan that never survives the first encounter with the enemy, and that burst of adrenaline that comes with knowing that if you can just think fast enough, if you can find order in the chaos before ‘the other guy’ does, then you and your team will be victorious.

Alas, the team in The Package… well… I’m not sure they realized just what the rules of the game were.