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Above, a trailer for a new sci-fi show, called (at least so far) Almost Human.  A broken cop awakes 2 years after a terrible accident to find his world full of synthetic police persons – persons that he has a deep seated dislike and distrust of.  Cue him getting a new partner, being unstable, angry and hard to get on with.

It looks so incredibly lush – with visual callbacks to things like Bladerunner, Minority Report and possibly even the credits to Person of Interest.

I would watch this SO HARD.

[EDIT:  And I did – before it got cancelled 😦  Shame they showed the episodes out of order, and I’m sad they cancelled it just as it was getting really interesting!]


A promising looking trailer for the new H+ online sci-fi series.  From what I can gather, a brilliant scientist is hired to continue his work on augmented reality implants in the near future, something goes very wrong, and it’s up to him and the people he encounters (including a beautiful Indian woman who reminds me that Indian sci-fi is still overdue its day in the sun) to try to survive.  Apparently the episodes will go up weekly on YouTube, starting early next month.

I’ve subscribed, and look forward to it – so little in the way of good new sci-fi these days.

Slingers is a heist movie in space – the swinging 60’s on a space ship – with suits so sharp they’re holographic.  If Firefly was the sci-fi version of the 1880’s American old West, then this is 80 years later when the martinis are dirty and the the chips are down.  Maybe it’ll get made, maybe it won’t – but I could definitely do with some sexy-smooth sci-fi on my TV again.

(And I love  the yellow space suit at 54 seconds in.)