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Slingers is a heist movie in space – the swinging 60’s on a space ship – with suits so sharp they’re holographic.  If Firefly was the sci-fi version of the 1880’s American old West, then this is 80 years later when the martinis are dirty and the the chips are down.  Maybe it’ll get made, maybe it won’t – but I could definitely do with some sexy-smooth sci-fi on my TV again.

(And I love  the yellow space suit at 54 seconds in.)

On Tuesday the 12th of April, it will be Yuri’s Night all across the world – celebrating Yuri Gagarin going into space, 50 years ago.

Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!

Then, I hear that the Russians intend to build a moon base in the next 20 years, and from there a manned mission to Mars! More power to them, I say!

But better than all that, is a video of a cat with a dream.  A cat with big ideas, and that won’t permit those daft dogs to get all the glory, the spectacle, or the adventure.  No – this is a cat after my own heart!!

Wait!  Turn HD on.  Yes, that’s right.  Wait for it to stream, turn the volume up a little and bask in the first full trailer for the next Doctor Who season.  Scary clowns, masked children, astronaut helmets, explosions and pirate ships, ghosts, monsters and one solitary, dangerous, deadly, gun.

“Look how cool this stuff is!”

Roll on Easter, and the start of the new season.  Roll it on indeed.

Manish Arora‘s sci-fi makeup

I’m listening to the StarTalk podcast, “Science is Fierce” – where Neil deGrass Tyson does an episode on fashion in sci-fi.  It’s fascinating stuff – talking about how sci-fi costuming gets incredibly dated almost immediately, because the best sci-fi costuming is simply today’s fashion, with only a little bit of ‘future’ mixed in.  As it’s still mostly ‘of the time’, it dates just as quickly – Lieutenant Uhura’s gogo boots and miniskirt, for example!

Spacesuit, designed by Wernher von Braun, illustrated by Fred Freeman, and uploaded by Paleofuture from the book First Men to the Moon

Illustration from 'First Men to the Moon' by Wernher von Braun

53 years ago, Wernher von Braun wrote a work of fiction called “First Men to the Moon”.  In it, he described the training and equipment the main character John Mason goes though – and while many have written fiction on space exploration before and after, few can claim quite the expertise as von Braun – as he went on to be instrumental in building the Saturn V, and getting the United States to the moon.

The book came with amazing illustrations such as the one above, which Paleo-Future blog has been good enough to scan from this very out of print book.  (There’s one more, and larger versions, at Paleo-Future).  The diagrams, by Fred Freeman, speak of spacesuits of flexibility; tightly wrapped around wiry, dynamic astronauts – but those aren’t the boxy, bulky, almost comical suits that we’ve all seen.  But fashion always comes around again, and maybe technology is catching up on Mr Freeman…

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