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Silicone mold and uncolored TARDIS lollypop

Though melting in the humidity, and remarkably un-blue, this is a very tasty TARDIS

Not long now until the second half of the Doctor Who season starts up again – and I admit to being a bit Who-mad about it all.  I’ve made miniature TARDISes, TARDIS cake-pops, and now (and my most difficult challenge yet) – TARDIS lollipops, with homemade silicone molds from 3d printed positives.

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Self-Assembly Sushi Sweeties

This quiet, peaceful, unassuming video shows a sweetie or candy kit available in Japan, called Popin’ Cookin’ Sushi Candy.  It comes with a mixing tray, pipettes, mixers, shovels, slotted spoons, and several little foil packets containing the ingredients.  Two things impressed me greatly…

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