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With a voice as smooth as the 3-pixel cigar he’s smoking, prefaced with testcards and static, the mysterious gentleman from Sword & Sworcery gently informs us that while we may think that we are in control of our own destinies – of our own purchases – in reality we are but the willing pawns in his subtle machinations.  We are not, he calmly recounts from his ornately twisted high-backed chair, merely buying our gizmos for inconsequential uses such as email, the web, or the like – but because our subconscious is gnawing at us.  Gnawing incessently, at the lack, the need, for the Sword & Sworcery game.

I’m not even sure it’s my kind of game – but I adore this ‘Illusive Man‘ style voice over, this pixellated Outer Limits introduction, this Mad Men style, suave-suited, unfashionably nicotine addicted and disgustingly collected mastermind, lying to my face and not giving a damn.  Could have gone wrong, went very, very right.

I had wanted to watch this for a long time – a short sci-fi film of a post apocalyptic settlement somewhere in Africa, reeling from the mistakes leading up to the great war for water.  The main character, Asha, is the lone, desperately hopeful, curator of the museum of natural history.  Nobody visits these dead relics of a dead surface world, but she dreams forbidden, and drug-suppressed, dreams of water, trees, and life!

It’s a quiet film where nobody speaks with their mouth – I don’t know if that’s to conserve water, Dune style, or if in the future people are so used to typing that actually speaking out loud is just something you don’t do.  It’s a refreshing film where it’s actually really nice to have a lead actress who doesn’t look like all the Hollywood actresses.  It’s a sad film, where I couldn’t work out which meaning the ending had – but neither of them were kindly.

If you can manage to find it, watch Pumzi.  There seems to be no showings, no releases, no word on their blog since the beginning of 2010 – but if you do come across it, it’s not 20 minutes wasted.

Imagine waking up, covered in dirt, somewhere 200 miles out of Nowhereville in deepest USA.  No friends, no family, no idea how the hell you got there – and before you know it, you’ve been pulled over by a pair of trouble-seeking cops.  Do they help?  No.  In your confusion, you lash out!  Before you know it, there’s a posse out to kill you, the girl of your dreams doesn’t even notice you exist, and you come across a pit filled with the burning bodies of your own kind.

Tragic.  That’s what it is – tragic.

Flower – How Could I Have Forgotten?

I didn’t think I had, I thought I had it bright and vivid in my mind.  But I had forgotten.  Watch, and be reminded.  I almost choked when I watched this – the emotional tie is so well crafted and deep.

Flower – I’m sorry I forgot.

Spotted on io9, this trailer for Love is full of somberly interviewed men, interiors of the International Space Station, inexplicable glimpses of the universe, and nonsensical, historical flashes. I’m guessing it’s another take on the loneliness of Moon, with an even more crushing premise and a more fantastical resolution.

Or madness. One of the two.

I keep getting that vibe that asks – if reality is too crushing, too terrible, to endure, is madness a welcomed friend rather than a terrifying bogeyman?