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A strange, unsettling, confusing trailer for what appears to be a strange, unsettling, confusing sci-fi film.  0000 seems to have some serious religious overtones, but I suppose that’s to be expected in a film that looks to touch on transhumanism, identity, cybernetics and immortality.  Do those strange head plugs enable the equation scrawling genius we glimpse in the trailer, or do they tear the humanity from their distraught creator?

I suspect that the title, 0000, refers to the year nought in terms of human existence – but whether that’s the beginning of a new era (like 0AD) or the end of all that we know and understand – I suppose I’ll need to watch and find out.  (Seen over at io9.)

Alpha Centauri, by discurrere on DeviantArt

Discurrere's photograph, "Alpha Centauri"

Sometimes I crave a game experience that no-one seems to offer anymore.  Sometimes, it’s not the hero’s journey writ in space marines, treasure hunters or modern soldiers that I want – it’s not even caring for a farm, organizing a mafia, or matching three gems that calls me.  No, sometimes, I want to transcend from the human condition, wrestling with morality decisions that have no right answer, with the ultimate goal of throwing off my petty concerns for flesh, self or identity and elevating the entirity of humanity to something far greater than it can possibly imagine.

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