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At 40 seconds into this ad, you can see a glimpse of the future according to ‘Under Armor’ – a women in a (terrifyingly thin) body suit interacts with some wrist mounted UI, selects a color for the bottom half of her suit, and then the top, and then off she runs.  It’s cool, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

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I admit; I’m terrible at chess, so I find it somewhat peculiar that I have a love of, and some small amount of skill in, top-down, turn-based, strategy games like XCOM and Valkyria Chronicles.  While the royal game has me getting lost in permutations, games like Frozen Synapse have me bluffing and double-bluffing my opponents like Sun Tzu himself.

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I’m sorry the video above with rather overblown guitar soundtrack can’t convey the spine-tingling sexiness of the UI in Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.  The 3d screen on the new 3DS had been very well designed for – the semitransparent portrait windows hover above each other, tastefully distinct, letting your own eyes do the focusing and letting things in the foreground or background fade tastefully into insignificance.  Even the lines of dialogue float serenely above the portraits, unconcerned with the painfully constrained 2d ancestors it’s had to deal with.

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Showing us a sci-fi future that nods like a bobble headed dog to video game UIs, The Package by Calder Greenwood and team, is dark, surprisingly uncheesy, and gives me a hankering for playing games like Frozen Synapse, Subversion, and Space Hulk.

Being the guy at the main computer, watching the little glowing specks on a wireframe map and knowing they’re a squad of tense, sweaty, professionals with guns and orders and fear in their gut.  Watching the deadly orchestra of a plan that never survives the first encounter with the enemy, and that burst of adrenaline that comes with knowing that if you can just think fast enough, if you can find order in the chaos before ‘the other guy’ does, then you and your team will be victorious.

Alas, the team in The Package… well… I’m not sure they realized just what the rules of the game were.