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Nifty, somewhat mind-bending (if you’re not used to it), live-action video of two cloning/time travelling opponents sending their duplicates out to fight each other.  First, they can only send out one copy each, but with each round’s end, they can send another (differently colored) clone out to accompany the first.  The fun is when the clones start setting up opportunities for each other.  Then, when actions of later clones, interrupt the behaviors of earlier clones (the “Unlinked!” effect over their heads).  Think of it as squad based combat, where you are the entire squad.  Single player co-op, even.

Some people, who know who they are, might recognize some of the ideas here 🙂  Either way – it looks fun!

(Seen over at Reddit, in the Gaming subreddit).

Cyber-Monkeys Love Marshmallows

No really, they do.  If you’re at all squeemish about certain kinds of animal testing, then this isn’t for you.  For everyone else, there are several more videos of monkeys with microelectrode arrays implanted in their brains, able to feed themselves marshmallows, or do other tasks, with various different attached robotic arms.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Motorlab is the source, and according to someone on Reddit, they’ll be trying human trials very soon, offering spinal cord injury patients the hope of controlling robotic arms of their own.  Of course, human trials are always very cautious, delicate, things, so don’t go expecting anime style neuro-plugged mech suits quite yet.

On Tuesday the 12th of April, it will be Yuri’s Night all across the world – celebrating Yuri Gagarin going into space, 50 years ago.

Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!

Then, I hear that the Russians intend to build a moon base in the next 20 years, and from there a manned mission to Mars! More power to them, I say!

But better than all that, is a video of a cat with a dream.  A cat with big ideas, and that won’t permit those daft dogs to get all the glory, the spectacle, or the adventure.  No – this is a cat after my own heart!!

Mechanical Birds take Flight

Festo (creators of air-penguins and robotic rays) have created what appears to be the most realistic looking ornithopter (or flapping flying device) that I’ve yet seen!  It’s beautiful – and while not yet as graceful as a gull, or elegant as an eagle, they’re certainly not far off!  This video inspired me, and you’ll see why in the next post.

A nameless warrior flees through a verdant forest; his blood drops tick, tick, tick, as they hit the succulent leaves, counting the seconds before his end.  Nothing falls without the forest’s knowledge, however, and the strange, white-clad spirits, with their silent ankle-bells, have one last journey for the lost soldier.

The music may not be to your liking, but the video is dreamy, fantastical, simply done, and reminds me a little of Princess Mononoke.  Recommended by a gent at work.

With a voice as smooth as the 3-pixel cigar he’s smoking, prefaced with testcards and static, the mysterious gentleman from Sword & Sworcery gently informs us that while we may think that we are in control of our own destinies – of our own purchases – in reality we are but the willing pawns in his subtle machinations.  We are not, he calmly recounts from his ornately twisted high-backed chair, merely buying our gizmos for inconsequential uses such as email, the web, or the like – but because our subconscious is gnawing at us.  Gnawing incessently, at the lack, the need, for the Sword & Sworcery game.

I’m not even sure it’s my kind of game – but I adore this ‘Illusive Man‘ style voice over, this pixellated Outer Limits introduction, this Mad Men style, suave-suited, unfashionably nicotine addicted and disgustingly collected mastermind, lying to my face and not giving a damn.  Could have gone wrong, went very, very right.

I think, in my own build process, I’ve got as far as the 1 minute mark in this timelapse video of the people at Betaworks building a Thing-O-Matic 3d printer.  I am both encouraged by this (woo! 1/3 of the way through!) and discouraged (only1 minute?).  I’m a little envious of their team of clever assemblists, all working in parallel to put it together, but we’ll manage I’m sure!  Lovely bunny print at 3 minutes 10 seconds – can’t wait until I can print my own!

Congratulations to Betaworks on their new, and exciting, tool/toy!

Showing us a sci-fi future that nods like a bobble headed dog to video game UIs, The Package by Calder Greenwood and team, is dark, surprisingly uncheesy, and gives me a hankering for playing games like Frozen Synapse, Subversion, and Space Hulk.

Being the guy at the main computer, watching the little glowing specks on a wireframe map and knowing they’re a squad of tense, sweaty, professionals with guns and orders and fear in their gut.  Watching the deadly orchestra of a plan that never survives the first encounter with the enemy, and that burst of adrenaline that comes with knowing that if you can just think fast enough, if you can find order in the chaos before ‘the other guy’ does, then you and your team will be victorious.

Alas, the team in The Package… well… I’m not sure they realized just what the rules of the game were.